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Litter born 08/07/2014
Chalmoor I'm Smartie with Tachnamadra x Chalmoor Look At Me

7 1/2 weeks old

Tachnamadra Pendemonium "Panda" - Puppy love!

Tachnamadra Pendemonium "Panda" - Finger lickin' good!

Tachnamadra Pendemonium "Panda" - Long jump

Tachnamadra Pendemonium "Panda"- My favourite digging place!!

Tachnamadra Pendemonium "Panda"- My favourite toy!

Tachnamadra Dawn Chorus "Lucy" - Posing as always!

Tachnamadra Dawn Chorus "Lucy" - Relaxing!

Tachnamadra Dawn Chorus "Lucy" - Sitting pretty!

Tachnamadra Dawn Chorus "Lucy" in pensive mood!

Tachnamadra Skydiver "Skye" - young love!

Tachnamadra Skydiver "Skye" - What is he up to now!?

Tachnamadra Skydiver "Skye" 

Tachnamadra Skydiver "Skye" - Exploring new territory

Tachnamadra True Blue "Fergal" - Another moment of togetherness!

Tachnamadra True Blue "Fergal" 

Tachnamadra True Blue "Fergal"  - My new "chewie"!

Tachnamadra True Blue "Fergal" - How do I get down from here?

Tachnamadra True Blue "Fergal"  - Stepping out!

Just for fun