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Litter born 08/07/2014
Chalmoor I'm Smartie with Tachnamadra x Chalmoor Look At Me

5 weeks old

Late again!!  Sorry, I'm not doing very well with the updates - there just aren't enough hours in the day.  A few more hurried photos taken between the showers. I hope they will give you some idea of how the puppies are developing.  Suffice to say that so far all is well and they are now happily going outside, mixing with my adult shelties and growing in confidence.

Little miss 'snooty'

Little poser!

Here I come

Who's got little 'panda' eyes?

I'm a quiet boy

I'm quiet too!

I can be snooty too!

Best foot forward!

Mischief man!

Hunting for twigs

My twig is bigger than yours!

Me and my brother

Me and my other brother

Follow my leader!

6 weeks