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Litter born 08/07/2014
Chalmoor I'm Smartie with Tachnamadra x Chalmoor Look At Me

3 weeks old

What a difference a week makes. All of the puppies now have their eyes open and, as can be seen from the pictures below, are already beginning to stagger around and initiate play, even if they do fall over regularly. Their ears are open and they can now hear sounds, hence no matter how quietly I walk into the room, they hear me coming (nothing wrong with their hearing!!). They can appear to be fast asleep, but as soon as I come in they all lift their heads. Yesterday they had their first meal of scrambled egg and today I have introduced them to puppy starter food. Mum is spending more time away from them but will regularly visit to feed them and check that all is OK. Below are a few photos which will give you some idea of how they have developed since last week.

Initiating play

Exploring their surroundings

Goodnight all!

4 weeks