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Litter born 08/07/2014
Chalmoor I'm Smartie with Tachnamadra x Chalmoor Look At Me

2 weeks old

My apologies for the very brief update this week but other commitments  taken up more than their fair share of my time this week.  As you will see from the pictures below, the puppies are thriving and becoming stronger daily.   Two of the puppies now have their eyes open, but the tricolour bitch and more heavily marked blue merle have decided that they need more time before they are ready to face the world ;-)  They are now beginning to lift themselves up onto their feet and attempting to take their first steps.  Hopefully, next week I will be able to take some individual photos of them and give you a little more information on their development.

Sleeping beauties

The puppies discovering that they have legs ;-)

Here we come!

Raising themselves up on their front feet!

Hello world!

There's always one that's camera shy!

Can we go back to sleep now?

2 weeks