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Litter Born 27/04/2010

Sire:  Champion Shetlo Dream Lover "Arran"
Dam: Tachnamadra Timeless Gift  "Sally" 

2 weeks old

The puppies continue to thrive and gain weight and are noticeably bigger than they were last week.  Their eyes are now fully open and it won't be long before their ears open and they begin to  respond to sounds.  Sally is still being the perfect mum and is taking great care of them as evidenced by their plump rounded tummies ;-)   They  still spend most of the day sleeping, apart from when they are feeding,  and are rapidly gaining strength.  Already I can notice them lifting themselves up on their legs and they move around much more quickly than they did a week ago.  During the coming week they will become even more mobile and then it will be time for me to extend their puppy run and start weaning them.   I'm hoping that next week I can manage to take individual photographs of all of the puppies but at the moment I'm afraid you'll have to be content with group photos ;-) 

Sally relaxing with her babies
Left to right:  Bitch No.1, bitch No.2, dog

Just checking!

Feeding time - Left to right:  Dog, bitch No. 1, bitch No.2

Left to right: Dog, Bitch No.1, bitch No.2

Left to right: Bitch No.1, dog, bitch No.2

Left to right: Bitch No.2, dog, bitch No.1

Left to right: Bitch No.1, bitch No.2, dog

Bitch No. 1 surveys her world while her siblings sleep

Can you recognise who's who?

Back to front: Dog, bitch No.1 and bitch No.2

All huddle together for reassurance and comfort


Little Bo Peep! ;-)


3 weeks

Tachnanadra Timeless Gift