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Puppy Farming

So often, I am asked the question "What is a 'Puppy Farm'?  Through my friendship with Alison, who contacted me a couple of years ago when she was looking for a sheltie puppy, I began to learn the stark reality and the truth behind the 'puppy farm' trade.  Up until then, I  had heard of these places but, somehow, I was able to briefly say "how terrible" and then cast the thought from my mind, paying nothing more than lip service to getting this dreadful  practice banned.  I shared Alison's joy when she rescued her two Cavaliers and then learned of her pain and anguish when she recently contacted me telling me that she had lost her devoted Annie-Belle, after only a few wonderful months together.  I felt so helpless and empty as I attempted to find some words of comfort to ease her pain and it was at that moment that I vowed to try and do something positive to make as many people as possible aware of this brutal trade and the suffering that is endured by man's best friend.  Who better to tell the story than Alison, one very special lady who is devoting her life to helping these innocent, silent victims, with no voice of their own, who suffer such appalling cruelty at the hands of our fellow human beings?  

The following words from Alison's story struck such a chord with me, bringing a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes - she wrote:

"Under my breath I begged her to accept my apologies for another member of the same human race as myself, for the person that had forced her to endure such cruelty.  What had they done?  Why, oh why?"

Please follow this link to read The Story of 'Annie-Belle' and 'Honey'

Thank you Alison for sharing your stories with us 

Our Petstore Pup

Author Unknown

Cherish your new pet store pup -
Stand always by his side.
Mend his ills and give him hugs
and lots of fun car rides.

Feed him well and let him run
to build his body strong.
Play with him and give him treats.
Love him his whole life long.

You’ll soon become his hero.
He will not ask you for much.
He’ll trade his lifelong loyalty
for your kind word and touch.

Count him among your blessings,
as you are his blessing, too,
but then please do just one thing more,
When every day is through.

Take time to look into his eyes
each night you tuck him in.
I bet you’ll see reflected there,
two other pups like him.

They’ve never had a family,
soft bed, good food, or fun.
They live life out in a wire box -
and never get to run.

They suffer searing heat at times,
at others freezing cold,
as weeks and months and years drag by
While they are growing old.

So think about his mom and dad
who shine there through his eyes,
and remember all the mill dogs
who are paying with their lives.

If they had ever had a chance,
they’d have grown up like him, too,
with years of love to give and get
before their lives were through.

You’ll never see them face to face -
Such miracles are rare -
But pray for your pup’s mom and dad,
‘cause someone ought to care…