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Because of limited space, very few litters are born here. All puppies are eye tested between 6 and 8 weeks of age and reared in the house where they become accustomed to visitors and everyday sounds and activities, helping them to grow in confidence and hopefully develop into well-adjusted adults. My main concern is to breed healthy shelties with good temperaments,  free from known hereditary diseases and as near to the breed standard as possible.  All breeding stock are hip scored and eye tested regularly.

All new owners are given a Puppy Sales Wallet containing Kennel Club registration certificate, pedigree certificate, Contract of Sale, health screening certificates, instructions on the care of the puppy, explanation of any endorsements and 4 weeks insurance cover.

The future welfare and protection of any puppies I breed is of paramount importance to me and puppies always leave my home on the understanding that if for any reason the new owners experience a change in circumstances and the puppy needs to be re-homed, then I must be contacted and given the opportunity to either take the puppy back or assist in finding a suitable new home.  All new owners receive detailed instructions for the care of the puppy and are always encouraged to contact me should they have any worries or concerns.  There is no time-limit and I will always help in whatever way I can for the lifetime of the puppy. 

If you feel a Sheltie is the breed for you and you can offer a permanent, secure and loving home, then please do not hesitate to contact me and I will offer any help I can.

Litter Born 14/03/2018
(Lianbray Lothario x Lundecock's Cover Girl With Tachnamadra)

5 sable/white bitches, just hours old - two weighing  7 oz and three smaller ones weighing between 3 & 4 oz
The size difference is quite noticeable in this picture..

Picture below shows the puppies aged 4 weeks and 3 days - the one on the far right and the one in the
middle are the two bigger girls.  One of the puppies is staying with us, at least for the time being, and all 
of the other puppies are reserved.

Sincere thanks to Callum Bellhouse for allowing me to use this photo

'Cassie', far right in the group photo, taken in the garden of her new home, aged 9 weeks

Litter Born 03/01/2017
(Philhope Star Struck x Ch Tachnamadra Evisu)

Litter Born 15/10/2015

Sire:  Chalmoor Look At Me
Dam: Ch Tachnamadra Evisu

1 week old     2 weeks old     3 weeks old     4 weeks old    5 weeks old     12 weeks old

2 boys and 1 girl (middle)

Litter Born 21/04/2015

Sire:  Felthorn Jazz Singer 
Dam: Speedlines I Walk The Line at Tachnamadra

2 girls and two boys 3 days old

Please click here for more photos


Litter Born 08/07/2014

Sire:  Chalmoor Look At Me 
Dam: Chalmoor I'm Smartie with Tachnamadra 

Three blue merle dogs weighing between 6 1/2 and 7 oz  and 1 tricolour bitch weighing 5 1/2 oz.

Hopefully, the tricolour girl will be staying with us and enquiries have already been received for the blue merle boys
All puppies litter screened and tested CEA clear 01/09/2014

1 week     2 weeks     3 weeks     4 weeks     5 weeks     6 weeks      Almost 8 weeks old    Fun in the sun

Mum and babies are all doing well at the moment  

Litter Born 19/02/2014 - Sable/White dog puppy

Sire:  Lowick Gold Braid of Milesend 
Dam: Tachnamadra Evisu 

Sadly, following a very difficult birth, the first little dog puppy was stillborn, leaving us with one sable/white dog weighing 6 1/2 oz and, following a caesarean section, one sable/white bitch weighing 6 1/4 oz. Unfortunately, the little bitch puppy failed to thrive and 8 days later, on 27/02/2014, she lost her fight for life, leaving us with the only surviving puppy, our very precious sable/white dog. This is the hidden and heartbreaking side of breeding which very few people see and only those who have experienced it will appreciate and understand.

Above photo taken when the puppies were 5 days old before we lost the little bitch puppy who still had not reached her birth weight.
. Meantime, the dog puppy continued to thrive and gain weight and the size difference is very noticeable in this picture.

Please click here to see some more pictures of the dog puppy as he develops

Litter Born 27/04/2010

Sire:  Champion Shetlo Dream Lover "Arran"
Dam: Tachnamadra Timeless Gift  "Sally" 

Two sable/white bitches weighing 6 1/2 oz and 5 1/2 oz, one sable/white dog weighing 4 1/2 oz

This will be the last litter to be born here for at least another 12 to 18 months.

1 week old     2 weeks old     3 weeks old     4 weeks old     5 weeks old     6 weeks old     8 weeks  Puppies go home

 Left to right: Dog and two bitches Left to right: Two bitches and dog

Litter Born 04/02/2010

Sire:  Karmidale Monet with Tachnamadra JW "Monet"
Dam:  Ellenyorn Queen's Rapsody at Tachnamadra "Katie"

2 sable/white bitches both weighing 7 1/4 oz and 2 sable/white dog weighing 8 1/2 and 9 oz
Please follow the links below for details and pictures of their development as they grow

1 week old     2 weeks old     3 weeks old     4 weeks old     5 weeks old     6 weeks old     7 weeks old     8 weeks

Just born - Left to right: Dog, bitch, dog with bitch underneath 12 hours old - Two bitches back left, two dogs front right

Litter Born 14/11/09

Sire:  GB/Int/Nordic/Swed/Norw/Danish Ch Japaro By Design "Cody"
Dam:  Tachnamadra Time Will Tell "Chaise"

3 sable/white bitches weighing 8 oz and 1 sable/white dog weighing 8 1/2 oz

Please follow the links below for further pictures of the puppies as they grow

1 week    2 weeks     3 weeks     4 weeks     5 weeks     6 weeks     7 weeks   Fun in the Snow     8 weeks

Just hours old 1 day old
Mum and babies 1 day old (dog top left) 1 day old (dog top left)

Litter born 15/06/06
Tachnamadra Time Will Tell  x  Champion Japaro By Design
2 s/w bitches and 1 s/w dog

1 week     2 weeks     3 weeks    4 weeks     5 weeks     6 weeks     7 weeks     8 weeks

Puppy Playtime

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Both the Yorkshire Shetland Sheepdog Club  and the Mid Western Shetland Sheepdog Club run an on-line puppy register.  If you are looking for a Shetland Sheepdog puppy and we do not have any available, why not pay them a visit?