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Previous Litters

Below are some photos of litters born at "Tachnamadra" over the years.  

Cindy puppies aged 6 weeks
Tachnamadra The Blackbird "Rosie", Tachnamadra Laird of Lewis "Lewis

Sire:  Ch Shenachie Starling   Dam: Mohnesee Cinderella with Tachnamadra

Chaise's puppies aged 8 weeks
Tachnamadra Timely Design "Harry", Tachnamadra To Be Or Not to Be "Toby"  and Tachnamadra Time Honoured "Rosie" 

Sire:  Japaro By Design   Dam: Tachnamadra Time Will Tell

Star's litter aged 2 weeks

Ch Shelridge Wishmaster   
 Dam: Chalmoor Secret Star over Tachnamadra

Katie's puppies 1 day old

Sire: Shemist Gold Mine for Shelridge   
Dam: Ellenyorn Queens Rapsody at Tachnamadra

Chaise's puppies  aged 5 weeks
Tachnamadra Design Time "Summer", Tachnamadra The Designer "Gucci"  and Tachnamadra Time Travel "Shelley"

Sire: Ch Japaro By Design   
Dam: Tachnamadra Time Will Tell

Katie's puppies aged 7 weeks
Ellenyorn Night Spirit, Ellenyorn April Love and Ellenyorn Ghostwriter 

Sire:  Ch Rannerdale Ghostbuster 
Dam:  Ellenyorn Queens Rapsody

Tachnamadra Timely Arrival, Tachnamadra Skyelark, 
Tachnamadra Tuberose, aged 5 weeks

Sire:  Ch Lythwood Sixsmith   
Dam: Tachnamadra Time Will Tell

Tachnamadra The Cinder Path, Tachnamadra Bonnie Archie, Tachnamadra Blue Cinders, aged  4 1/2 weeks

Sire:  Apsledene Mystic Star   
Dam:  Mohnesee Cinderella with Tachnamadra

Tachnamadra Gold Nugget aged 6 weeks

Sire:  Mohnesee Dreamsmith     Dam:  Tachnamadra Time Will Tell