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Litter Born 04/02/2010

Sire: Karmidale Monet with Tachnamadra JW "Monet"
Dam: Ellenyorn Queen's Rapsody at Tachnamadra"Katie"

1 week old

All puppies are thriving and have just about doubled their birth weight.  There's very little to say this week except to confirm the they are all feeding well and are very contented little puppies who just spend their days feeding and sleeping.  At the moment all the hard work falls onto mum and she is proving to be an excellent mother who is dedicated to her babies. Time has been at a premium this week so I have just taken a few random photos and will take individual photos as they grow.

Left: Dog 1 
 Right front to back:  Shaded sable bitch, dog 2 and golden sable bitch

Katie and her babies
Left to right:  Golden sable bitch, Shaded sable bitch, dog 1 and dog 2

Back left to right:  Dog 1, shaded sable bitch and dog 2
Front: Golden sable bitch

Back left to right: Dog 2, golden sable bitch, shaded sable bitch
Front: dog 1

Left to right:  Shaded sable bitch, dog1, dog 2 (facing the camera) and golden sable bitch

Left to right: Shaded sable bitch, Dog 2, and golden sable bitch

Dog 1

Ellenyorn Queens Rapsody at Tachnamadra