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Chalmoor Brushed With Gold by Tachnamadra
D.O.B. 25/05/2013
CEA/PRA clear (litter screening at 6 weeks)
BVA/KC Cert CEA/CPRA Clear 01/09/14
KC/BVA Hip Score:  3/3
MDR1 Clear

Harry aged 11 months

Photo by Jayne Clegram

Harry aged 11 months

Four Generation Pedigree

Lowick Gold Braid of Milesend

Saunderswood Shoemaker of Milesend Ketim King Kute at Saunderswood Ch Milesend Stormwarden
Myter Rainbows End at Saunderswood
Jontygray Highland Dreamer at Saunderswood Jontygray Justin Credible
Caledonian Dream for Jontygray

Dynamiles Glowing Embers at Lowick

Gold Leaf of Milesend Lythwood Seventh Heaven
Monkswood Marjoram
Edglonian Storm Maid of Milesend Ch Milesend Stormwarden
Ch Edglonian Rather Merry Maid

Chalmoor Cherish

Ch Caurniehill Canaletto at Shelridge JW Ch Shelridge Summerspell Shelridge Socrates
Ch Shelridge Sunflower
Ch Blenmerrow Meleen Mona Lisa Blenmerrow Barnaby
Blenmerrow River of Dreams at Melveen
Chalmoor Chaiser Ch Milesend Stormwarden Ch Tegwel Wild Ways of Sandwick
Chelmarsh Countess at Milesend
Chalmoor Sugar and Spice Ch Iliad Idiots Delight
Rivvalee Blue Balou at Chalmoor