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Frolics in the Snow

Today we had one of the heaviest snowfalls of the year and the dogs and puppies just loved it.   
Below are some photos taken during a break in the snowstorm

The snowfall of 5th January 2010 


 Here we come!

Now who is that in the background sneaking back up into the house?
Can't say I blame her! ;-)

Let's go play!

Is this a cloud mum?  It looks like one!

I'm sticking my head in the clouds!

High stepping!

Did you say 'smile for the camera'? :-)

Taking a break!

Shovelling snow!

I can shout louder than you can!

My nose is cold

Monet, Sally and Chaise look on while bitch No.3 checks to see if I'm still taking pictures

Let's all join in on the fun!

Do you like my white blaze?

Monet, Chaise, Sally and Katie with her back to the camera

Katie in the background, dog and bitch 3 at the front

I'm pretending to be a baby seal!

And there's no end in sight!