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Litter born 15/10/2015

Ch Tachnamadra Evisu x Chalmoor Look At Me

4 weeks old (well, 4 weeks and 3 days to be exact)!

What a difference a week makes.  The puppies are now developing their individual characteristics as they interact and play.  The girl certainly has attitude and is proving to be the boss as she 'terrorises' her litter brothers. :-)  She dives on them when they are eating and tries to initiate play by  pawing and jumping on them as they try to rest. She is the first to wake and the last to go to sleep! No need to ask who's boss.  Boy 1 is a big softie, being the 'quiet man/lazy boy' of the pack, preferring to watch and observe as his litter brother and sister play fight and tussle with each other, although he does join in occasionally when he gets a spurt of energy. :-) Boy 2 is more than willing to stand up to his sister but doesn't have her determination and powers of endurance :-) This is when they become real time-wasters and give us so much pleasure watching them interact and play with each other.  As you can imagine, taking photos is almost impossible as they refuse to keep still and run towards me as soon as they see me with the camera in my hand.  They would much rather chew it than pose!  Below are a few photos taken during their very brief moments of downtime!!

I'm shy!!  Boy1 (hiding) and girl

OK, I'll stop hiding, but I'm not looking at the camera!!
(Boy 1 (left) and girl)

Boy 1

Boy 1, resting as usual:-)

Boy 1 - finally he moves :-) 

I'm not shy!! Boy 2

Is this my best side?  Boy 2 posing for the camera

Boy 2 ready for action!




Girl - That's it! I've had enough now and I'm off!!

Spot the puppy!  Goodnight all!

5 weeks

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