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Litter born 15/10/2015

Ch Tachnamadra Evisu x Chalmoor Look At Me

3 weeks old

I'm struggling to keep up with everything at the moment! The puppies are now 3 weeks and 3 days old and I've finally managed to take a few more photos.  It's amazing what a difference a week makes and they're now beginning to play and much steadier on their feet even if they do still keep stumbling from time to time.  They're venturing outside the whelping box and exploring a little further afield under close supervision!  Weaning has now begun and my workload increases as mum's reduces !

Dog 1 and Dog 2

Dog 1 and Dog 2


Dog 2

Dog 2, Dog 1 and Bitch

Left to right: Dog 1, Dog 2 and Bitch

Front:  Dog 1 (left) and bitch, Dog 2 at the back (sleeping!)

Bedtime - Dog 1 (front), dog 2 (sleeping) and bitch

Auditioning for X-Factor ;-)

Goodnight all!

4 weeks old

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