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Litter born 15/10/2015

Ch Tachnamadra Evisu x Chalmoor Look At Me

Where does the time go? The puppies are now 2 weeks old (well 2 weeks and 2 days to be precise!) and already they're beginning to find their feet and stagger around the whelping box. They may fall over but, full of determination, they get straight back up again! Their eyes and ears are open and already they are becoming aware of my presence when I enter the room. They are so very much alike and, other than through their markings, it's difficult to tell them apart at the moment. Evie is proving to be the perfect mum and is taking excellent care of her babies.

Feeding time - Boy on the left, girl on the right, 2nd boy hidden underneath ;-)

Feeling their feet - Two boys on the right, girl on the left

Taking notice - girl (I think!) ;-)

Two boys

2 boys on the left, girl on the right

Sorry, I can't identify who's who other than it's a boy at the front! ;-) ..........Oh, yes I can!!  
Girl back left, I can tell because her leg is black right down to her toes - only her toes are white! :-)

Two boys on the left, girl on the right

Two boys on the left, girl on the right

Initiating play - Two boys, girl hidden!

Back to mum - girl on the left, two boys on the right

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