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Litter born 19/02/2014

Tachnamadra A Moment in Time "Oscar"
Tachnamadra Evisu x Lowick Gold Braid of Milesend

In just a few short weeks Oscar will be going to live locally with Pam, Luke, Euan and Ellie 

Please scroll down to see pictures of Oscar as he develops

2 weeks old

 3 weeks old

4 weeks old

My favourite Teddy and best friend

I love my other toys as well, particularly my ball!

5 weeks old



Paper Shredder


Getting to know Smartie


Playtime with mum


A moment of reflection


Taking it easy!


This looks interesting

Hello Harry!

6 weeks old

I'm a big boy now

Malva and Oscar walking out together

Sitting pretty

My new chewie

My new bed!

Teeth Sharpening

Best foot forward

Playtime with mum

Relaxing with my best friend, Harry

Goodnight all!

7 weeks old

Ready, steady ......................




Chewing the twig!


These stones are a bit hard on the paws!




Playing with Harry

About turn!........


..........Look right!


..........and move forward!


Time for bed!


Best friends - Oscar and Harry

8 weeks old

Oscar doing a bit of weeding!








Back to weeding duties


Playing 'chase' with mum


It looks interesting up there!


Please mum, can I come up?


No Oscar, you're too young yet!




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