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Litter born 14/11/09

Sire:  GB/Int/Nordic/Swed/Norw/Danish Ch Japaro By Design "Cody"
Dam:  Tachnamadra Time Will Tell "Chaise"

8  weeks old 

Now that the puppies have reached 8 weeks of age, these will probably be the last photos to appear for a while. Normally, all the puppies would now be leaving for their new homes, but Poppy won't be leaving us until the beginning of February, and the other three puppies will be staying here for the foreseeable future until I decide which ones I wish to keep,  so they will all be with us for at least the next few weeks.  If time permits, I may try to get some more pictures during this time, but taking photographs is becoming increasing difficult as the puppies become more active.  

It has been a real pleasure to share the first eight weeks of their lives with you all and an absolute joy for me to have the pleasure of living with them, despite the hard work involved.

I would like to thank those of you who have emailed me telling me how much pleasure the picture have brought you.  I do hope you will come back to visit us again and  I will try to update you regularly with the puppies' progress.  

Tachnamadra Grand Design "Oscar"
Oscar, now called "Oli", has left for his new home and is now living with Steve, Michelle and Chloe in Lancashire

Tachnamadra Grand Design "Oscar"

Tachnamadra Grand Design "Oscar" ...............but who is that peeping out from under the settee?
(Don't worry folks, she's quite safe and went under the settee from the back which is higher than the front - their favourite game is for one or 
two of them to go under the settee from behind and run up and town, teasing the ones in front who can't reach them!) ;-)

Tachnamadra Hatti Carnegie "Hattie"

Tachnamadra Hatti Carnegie  "Hattie"

Tachnamadra  Miss Dior "Coco" (previously know as bitch No.2)

Tachnamadra Miss Dior "Coco"

Tachnamadra Evisu "Evie" (previously known as bitch No.3)

Tachnamadra Evisu "Evie"  and Tachnamadra Miss Dior "Coco"


Tachnamadra Evisu "Evie"

Tachnamadra Evisu "Evie", Tachnamadra Grand Design and Tachnamadra Miss Dior "Coco"

Playtime begins...................

and goes on.........

and on...................

and on.................

The tissue tussle !

Let go........... that's mine!

If you can't beat 'em, swat 'em!

Double trouble!

The naughty corner!

Give us a kiss!!

Tachnamadra Grand Design, Tachnamadra  Miss Dior  "Coco" and Tachnamadra Evisu "Evie"

All four together - Tachnamadra Grand Design, Tachnamadra Evisu "Evie", Tachnamadra Miss Dior "Coco"
 and Tachnamadra Hatti Carnegie "Poppy"

All tired out! - Goodnight all!