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Litter born 14/11/09

Sire:  GB/Int/Nordic/Swed/Norw/Danish Ch Japaro By Design "Cody"
Dam:  Tachnamadra Time Will Tell "Chaise"

5 weeks old

 Taking photos is now becoming a struggle as the puppies have found their feet and just won't keep still for a moment (unless they're asleep!) ;-).  They continue to thrive and I certainly know they're around as they screech for attention as soon as they see me.   I've become quite adept at sneaking around when they're asleep so as not to disturb them.  As soon as I enter the puppy room I've can't move due to sixteen little paws scrambling around my feet and trying to climb up my leg.  They are now on four meals a day and eating well.  The dog puppy and bitch no. 2 weigh exactly the same at 2 lb 14 oz, bitch No. 3 weighs a little more at 3 lb 6 oz and bitch No.1 now weighs 4 lb 2 oz!!  She's just a big softie and loves to be cuddled.  Playtime takes up much more of their day now and when I'm downstairs it sounds as though a herd of elephants are running around in the bedroom.  This week they have spent short periods downstairs with us so that they become accustomed to everyday sights and sounds as well as being gradually introduced to my other shelties who are fascinated by these tiny bundles of fluff.  

Unfortunately, the photos below were taken very quickly and are not the best quality, but were the best I could do in the circumstances.  

Left to right:  Dog and Bitch No. 2

Left to right:  Bitch No. 3 and Bitch No. 1

Dog weighing 2 lb 14 oz

Bitch No. 1 weighing 4 lb 2 oz 

Bitch No. 2 weighing 2 lb 14 oz

Bitch No. 3 weighing 3 lb 6 oz

Bitch No.1


Bitch No.2

Two to one isn't fair!

I wonder what's behind that door

I'm boss!

Let's toss a coin to see who goes first

Where's he going, we haven't finished the game yet?!

Defending the ball!

Keeping her eye on the ball!

6 weeks