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Tachnamadra Timely Design "Harry"

  "Harry" (aged 13 weeks)

"Harry" aged 6 months

Sadly for us, Harry did not grow big enough for the shown ring and has now joined Stuart and Anne Wood 
together with "Shelley", his sister from a previous litter, to live life as a much loved pet.

Picture taken the day Harry left us for his new home

Tachnamadra Time Honoured "Rosie" 

"Rosie" aged 13 weeks "Rosie" aged 6 months

Rosie has now joined Karen and her family in Aberdeen, along with their other two shelties "Sparky" and "Mollie" (Ice's litter sister), pictured below:

"Mollie" top step and "Sparky" bottom step - I wonder who's boss!  ;-)
Owned and much loved by Karen and her family

Litter born 14/11/09

Sire:  GB/Int/Nordic/Swed/Norw/Danish Ch Japaro By Design "Cody"
Dam:  Tachnamadra Time Will Tell "Chaise"

3 bitches and 1 dog

Tachnamadra Grand Design "Ollie", aged 7 weeks Tachnamadra Hattie Carnegie "Hattie" aged 7 weeks

Tachnamadra Evisu "Evie", aged 7 weeks

Tachnamadra Miss Dior "Coco" aged 7 weeks

Tachnamadra Grand Design "Ollie", aged 8 months
 Owned by Steven Bell who kindly sent me this photo