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Litter born 14/11/09   

Sire:  GB/Int/Nordic/Swed/Norw/Danish Ch Japaro By Design "Cody"
Dam:  Tachnamadra Time Will Tell "Chaise"

1 week old

What a fantastic mum Chaise is.  Despite having had to undergo a caesarean section to safely deliver her babies, she has been dedicated to them and the results speak for themselves.  The puppies have doubled their birth weight and so far are thriving.  We can almost see them growing daily and the pigmentation on their noses is gradually turning from pink to black. Apart from when they are feeding, they spend their days and night sleeping, conserving all their energy for growth and development. At the moment we hardly know we have them and they are very quiet, contented babies.   Mum for her part is very relaxed and quietly watches over them, only leaving them for very brief periods to spend a few moments with me.

More updates next week ;-)

Chaise - gently caring for her babies

Clockwise - Dog top left, bitch 1, bitch 2 and bitch 3

Top left - dog, bottom left - bitch1, right back - bitch 2 and right front - bitch 3

Left bitch 1, right - dog

Left - bitch 2, right - bitch 3


Bitch 1

Bitch 2

Bitch 3

2 weeks old