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Karmidale Monet with Tachnamadra JW


Litter Born 08/09/2010, bred by Irene Kidney  Ichthus Shelties
Dam:  Mistyisle Devil's Maid with Ichthus

Left to right:  2 boys and 2 girls just a few hours old

Left to right: 2 girls and 2 boys 4 weeks old

Litter Born 04/02/10
Dam:  Ellenyorn Queens Rapsody at Tachnamadra "Katie"

Tachnamadra Laurencin "Jodie"
Owned by Margaret Wildsmith
Click here for more photos of Jodie

Tachnamadra Carriera
Owned by the Shirley family

Tachnamadra Cappiello "Thomas"
More photos of Thomas can be seen on My Young Hopefuls page

Tachnamadra Vettriano "Ollie"
Owned by Katen and Peter Davies
Please click here  for more photos of Ollie

Litter born 20/12/09 bred by Janet Ambler
Dam:  Chalmoor Star Queen 

Bitch puppy aged 12 weeks

Dog puppy aged 12 weeks

Bitch puppy aged 12 weeks