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Litter born 14/11/09

Sire:  GB/Int/Nordic/Swed/Norw/Danish Ch Japaro By Design "Cody"
Dam:  Tachnamadra Time Will Tell "Chaise"

15 days old

It's hard to believe that the puppies are already two weeks old and are beginning to show the early signs of recognition of their litter mates.  Up until now they have lived in a world of silence and darkness, being unable to hear or see, but at 13 days old their eyes gradually opened (apart from bitch No. 1 who decided there was plenty of time to view the world around her and didn't open her eyes until the 14th day) and they are beginning to tentatively "paw" at their litter mates.  They still can't hear but during the next few days their ears will open and they will begin to recognise sounds.   They are also becoming noticeably stronger and more mobile and the next week should see them gradually lifting themselves up on their feet and becoming more alert.  Apart from feeding, they still spend most of their day sleeping and, although mum now leaves them for slightly longer periods, she still spends the majority of her day just watching over and feeding them.  Chaise just loves puppies and she is proving to be just as dedicated to these babies as she has been towards previous litters.

Left to right:  Bitch No. 2, Bitch No. 3, Dog and Bitch No. 1

We love our mum and mum loves us!

Left to right:  Bitch No.3, Dog, Bitch No.1 and Bitch No.2 (peeping over the back of bitch No. 1)

You can't beat a good stretch!!  But, unless I can't count, there's one missing! ........

Awwhh .. here she is...................... Bitch No.2

Bitch No. 1 weighing 1 lb 11 oz!!

Bitch No. 1

Bitch No.2  weighing 1 lb 4 oz

Bitch No.2 - Hello baby!

Bitch No.3 weighing 1 lb 5 oz

Bitch No.3

Dog weighing 1 lb 4 oz


Practising the doggy paddle  ;-))

Three weeks