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Tachnamadra Time Will Tell "Chaise"


Litter born 14/11/09
1 dog puppy and 3 bitch puppies
Sire:  Champion Japaro By Design 

Tachnamadra Miss Dior "Coco", Tachnamadra Grand Design "Oli", Tachnamadra Hatti Carnegie "Hattie" & Tachnamadra Evisu "Evie"
aged 4 weeks

Litter born 29/11/07
2 dog puppies 1 bitch puppy
Sire:  Champion Japaro By Design 

Tachnamadra Timely Design 
Tachnamadra Time Honoured 

Tachnamadra To Be Or Not To Be

Click here for more photos of Harry, Rosie and Toby when they are a little older

Litter born 15/06/06
1 dog puppy and 2 bitch puppies
Sire:  Champion Japaro By Design 

Tachnamadra The Designer "Gucci"  aged 17 months
Owned by Johnny Andersson in Sweden

Tachnamadra Time Travel "Shelley"  aged 1 year
Owned by Anne & Stuart Wood
Tachnamadra Design Time "Summer" 
Now living with my trusted friends Sally and Stan Strickland and their sheltie "Lucy" 
Picture on the right shows Summer and Lucy proving they are the best of friends

Litter born 15/05/05 - Sire:  Lythwood Sixsmith
2 dog puppies and 1 bitch puppy

Tachnamadra Timely Arrival, Tachnamadra Skyelark and Tachnamadra Tuberose

Tachnamadra Skyelark "Skye"
Owned by Chris and Diane Bevan

Tachnamadra Tuberose - "Sophie"
Owned by Hilary Gamble.

Litter born 06/05/04 - Sire:  Mohnesee Dreamsmith
1 Dog Puppy

Tachnamadra Gold Nugget  "Nugget"  

"Nugget" now lives with Ed and Julie Stratton and their other two shelties, "Jeeves" and "Sparky"

Tachnamadra Time Will Tell