Shetland Sheepdogs

















Litter born 15/06/06
Tachnamadra Time Will Tell x Champion Japaro By Design

5 weeks old

The puppies continue to thrive and are becoming more active daily, although they soon tire and settle down to sleep after their bouts of play.  This week they have spent short periods downstairs and been introduced to my other shelties under strict supervision.  During the coming week, they will be introduced to the garden and the outside world in order to become accustomed to visitors and everyday sights and sounds.   Quite a few photos this week, which tell the story much better than I can.

Here they are, all together - the dog puppy is in the middle



Who's a cheeky boy?

Picture of innocence! - Dog Puppy

Golden Sable Bitch

Golden sable bitch

So sweet!

It's hot in here!


Shaded sable bitch

Shaded sable bitch

I'm Shy!  


Growing in confidence!

Please can I have a piggy back?

6 weeks