Shetland Sheepdogs

















Litter born 15/06/06
Tachnamadra Time Will Tell x Champion Japaro By Design

4 weeks old

During the past week, the puppies' co-ordination and balance have improved tremendously.  They now run around, wrestle and play with confidence and, gradually, their individual characters are beginning to shine through.  They are fully weaned and eat every meal as if it was their last - scrambled egg, soaked puppy food, chicken, raw minced beef and tinned puppy food - nothing is refused!  This week they were wormed to ensure their continuing health.  Taking photographs is becoming increasingly difficult as every time I get down on the floor to photograph them, they run towards me to play, but I have done my best, so hope you like them.



Golden Sable Bitch

Golden sable bitch

Shaded sable bitch

Shaded sable bitch

They think they're pinning me down, but I just want to check on that ceiling!!

Mum, she's picking on me again!!

Don't you dare touch it - it's mine!

Fly swatter!

Family gathering

5 weeks