Shetland Sheepdogs

















Litter born 15/06/06
Tachnamadra Time Will Tell x Champion Japaro By Design

3 weeks old

What a difference a week makes.   The puppies are now up on their feet and moving around with surprising speed, even if they do keep staggering and falling over!  Play has now become part of their day and they  wrestle and tumble with each other as they determine who's going to be boss!  They are reacting to sounds and it's now impossible for me to enter the room without disturbing them.  Even when they are asleep, at the first creak of a floorboard, they react by opening their eyes and lifting their head to investigate the noise!  Mum now has her work cut out, trying to satisfy the growing needs of her babies, so it's time for me to give her a helping hand and start weaning them.  


Shaded sable bitch

Golden Sable Bitch

Dog puppy at the back, two bitches at the front

Oh, I do hate these photo sessions!

That ceiling needs painting!

I'm Boss!

I'm sure I can hear mum's pawsteps

Mum's arrived - let's eat while we can...........

...... and there's more!!


This tastes good!

4 weeks